Programme Components

  1. Ambassador training
    Equipping ambassadors with the skills conducting community service. Ambassador training focuses on intergenerational communication, health literacy and skills of physical fitness exercises.
  2. Community service
    Promoting healthy lifestyles in the community. Community service encourages elderly to do regular stretching and muscle strengthening exercises.
  3. Regular assessments
    Regular assessments measure the intergenerational solidarity amongst young and old ambassadors and the physical and psychological well-being of elderly in the community before and after joining the programme.
  4. Professional training
    Seminars are held to equip frontline workers with the knowledge on dementia, depression and osteoporotic, etc.
  5. Forum
    Two forums will be held each year by empowering ambassadors to demonstrate their knowledge and skills acquired in the programme and enhancing knowledge of ambassadors and general public on health and social issues through thematic discussion.