Ambassador Training

Targets: Form 3 to 5 students, tertiary students, undergraduates and aged 55 or above
Objectives: Equipping ambassadors with the skills conducting community service. Ambassador training focuses on intergenerational communication, health literacy and skills of physical fitness exercises.
Theme Content No. of hours
1. Foundation of voluntary service (I)
  • Building up relationship between the young and old ambassadors through interactive activities
  • Defining voluntary service
2. Foundation of voluntary service (II)
  • Understanding the skills of providing voluntary service for the elderly
3. Health literacy
  • Understanding cognitive function and fall prevention of the old aged
4. Physical fitness activity and exercise (I)
  • Learning the skills of leading physical fitness activities and stretching exercises in the community service
5. Physical fitness activity and exercise (II)
  • Strengthening fall prevention function through physical fitness exercise
6. Physical fitness activity and exercise (III)
  • Learning stretching exercise auxiliary with towel
  • Strengthening upper limb muscle auxiliary with bottles